About us

Often, corporate managers are not equipped to deal with the day-to-day stresses that employees face. Employees spend two-thirds of their waking hours on the job. Personal problems, along with increased worker stress and insecurity evident in Australian workplaces, contribute to absenteeism, low morale, excessive waste and turnover. This can also lead to an increase in lost time injuries. 

By utilising our counselling services, Companies can make a positive step in enhancing the well-being and life satisfaction of workers in a caring and personal way, while contributing to a reduction in workerrelated losses.

Our Pledge

RCS Counsellors serve as a source of
support and counsel to the miners and
their families, networking as appropriate
with other service providers, to fulfill
the Mining Code requirements.

Meet the team

Frank Jacobesen

Frank Jacobsen

Frank is a country boy at heart, born and bred in the WA Wheatbelt. He started facilitating programs in 2003 to help families, and assisted in founding the Family Centre in Kalgoorlie. Frank is also the W.A. Country Health Mental Health Advocate for Kalgoorlie, a Counsellor with LifeSkills Australia and a volunteer with the Red Cross in Psychological First Aid. He has been providing peer support in the mining industry for the past 4 years, assisting companies like GoldFields to look after the wellbeing of employees.

Joshua Rogers

John Littler

John’s mission in life is to empower people to be leaders of their own lives, responsible for their own wellbeing and equipped to overcome limiting beliefs and distressing events. John has lived in over 15 countries and this experience has provided him with the best education you can get in connecting with people from all walks of life. With over 30 years’ experience working with individuals and couples in the areas of addictions, and mental health. John’s own real-life experiences and his training, make him especially adept at working with people who are ready for change.

Joseph Yepwi

Joseph Yepwi 

Joseph has been a chaplain doing pastoral care for over 20 years. He has provided care and guidance in hospitals, prisons and mine sites - wherever people find themselves away from their own support network, family and friends. Joseph is a strong believer in balance between body, mind and spirit and takes a very practical view of how to help. Joseph has added to his theological studies by completing a Cert IV in Mental Health through Australian Medical Association.

Sharon Mosby

Sharon Mosby

Sharon has been working with youth and young children for over 15 years. Sharon has been a youth leader in of various youth groups and support groups. Sharon has recently been helping youth on a high level spectrum and youth with ADHD. Sharon is available family relationship counselling in Kalgoorlie sessions.