Services for Employees

Counsellors make regular on-site visits, establishing a rapport with workers and making them aware of services available. The minesite is notified of pending visits and advertising is forwarded prior to the visits for display in the crib rooms.

Employees and immediate family members of the employees under RCS service contracts can speak to one of our Counsellors or access short-term counselling, by contracting us to schedule a suitable time and location. This includes hospital visits when required.

Please note, while our Counsellors may hold degrees and licenses in counselling, they will not provide a longterm counselling service. We provide primary care for those who are in need of professional counselling, and can help them to connect with a suitable counsellor or practitioner from our referral network.

This includes referrals to specialised services, including long-term counsellors, local agencies and counselling support groups, including financial counselling, drug & alcohol rehab, mental health plans & contracted EAP providers.

Our Pledge

RCS Counsellors serve as a source of
support and counsel to the miners and
their families, networking as appropriate
with other service providers, to fulfill
the Mining Code requirements.

Cost and Access

What will it cost me?

Individual workplaces engage RCS to provide Counselling services at no cost to its employees and their immediate families, covering immediate and short term care. Costs for longer term or outsourced specialised services options will be discussed with you. If your workplace is not covered by one of our contracts, you can still access our counselling services at our current private client rate. 

How do I access the service?

Just call us at one of our numbers, or you can email us. Please note, due to the nature of the service, our office is not always attended, but you will be able to contact us by phone.